Effortless living

Over 120 acres of luxury residences. World-class educational and recreational facilities. State-of-the-art estate infrastructure. Comprehensive security system. Uninterrupted power supply. Retail and office facilities. Pedestrian and child-friendly footpaths, bicycle lanes and dedicated jogging paths. In sunny Maiyegun, luxury is to be lived one day at a time; so no effort has been spared in providing every desirable amenity.

Uninterrupted power supply

Comprehensive central security
system with high-resolution CCTV and
guards from accredited

Central utilities plant – sewage
treatment, water treatment,
firefighting facilities

Over 1km-long seaside

Telephone, cable TV, and
fiber-optic internet connections

Pedestrian friendly – footpaths
and bicycle lanes

Recreational and
educational facilities

State-of-the-art estate

drainage system